Verity Bonus Chapter PDF Download

Verity Bonus Chapter PDF Free Download

Verity Bonus Chapter PDF Download Info

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Verity Bonus Chapter PDF Free Download

Which Truth Is The Falsehood? Spend All Night Reading It Ends With Us’s #1 New York Times Bestselling Author’s Sensational Psychological Thriller That Has Readers Enthralled.

When Lowen Ashleigh Accepts The Job Offer Of A Lifetime, She Is A Struggling Author On The Verge Of Bankruptcy. Verity Crawford’s Husband, Bestselling Author Jeremy Crawford, Has Hired Lowen To Finish The Books In A Popular Series That His Injured Wife Can’t.

In An Effort To Find Enough Information To Get Her Started, Lowen Arrives At The Crawford Residence Prepared To Go Through Years’ Worth Of Verity’s Notes And Outlines.

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Unexpectedly, Lowen Finds An Unfinished Autobiography That Verity Had Never Intended For Anybody To Read In The Chaotic Office. Page After Page Of Horrifying Confessions, Including Verity’s Account Of The Night Her Family’s Dynamics Were Permanently Changed.

Knowing That The Contents Of The Manuscript May Completely Destroy The Already Bereaved Father, Lowen Decides To Keep It Hidden From Jeremy.

Lowen Recognises All The Ways She Might Profit If Jeremy Were To Read His Wife’s Words As Her Feelings For Him Grow. No Matter How Devoted Jeremy Is To His Injured Wife, It Would Be Impossible For Him To Continue To Love Her If He Learned The Horrifying Truth.

Does Anyone Want To Give Away The Details Of Verity’s Extra Chapter? Even Though I Absolutely Adored The Book And Of Course Have My Own Thoughts, I Really Don’t Want To Purchase It Again (Despite My desire to Support Queen Colleen) And I Can’t Seem To Find Any Copies In My Area.

The #1 New York Times And Worldwide Bestselling Author Of Several Novels And Novellas Is Colleen Hoover. Together With Her Husband And Their Three Sons, She Resides In Texas. In Sulphur Springs, Texas, She Founded The Bookworm Box, A Nonprofit Book Subscription Service And Bookstore.

Verity Bonus Chapter Summary

Author Lowen Ashleigh Had A Terrible Morning In The First Scene Of Verity. Her Mother Had Lost Her Battle With Colon Cancer The Week Before. Although Lowen And Her Mother Did Not Get Along Well—” A Direct Result Of My Own Mother Being Terrified Of Me,”

She Relates—Lowen Still Brought Her To Her Apartment And Took Care Of Her For The Final Nine Months Of Her Life. Because Of Her Mother’s Fear Of What Lowen Could Be Capable Of Doing During One Of Her Many Sleepwalking Episodes, Lowen Is A Sleepwalker, And She Was Raised In A Rather Secluded Environment.

She Has Now Left Her New York City Apartment For The First Time In A Few Weeks After Being Called By Her Literary Agent, Corey, To A Meeting At Her Publisher’s Office. Corey And She Were Previously Involved In An Intimate Relationship. A Man Steps Into The Street And Is Hit By A Truck While Lowen Waits For The Crosswalk Light To Change. Unsurprisingly Shaken, Lowen Is Covered In The Man’s Blood On Her Face And White Shirt.

She Is Escorted Into A Coffee Shop Bathroom By A Handsome Stranger, Who Almost Hands Her The Shirt Off His Back. After A Brief Conversation, Loewn Concludes That He “Aims To Blend Into This City. Exactly Like Me.” She Did, After All, Relocate To New York In Order To Join The City’s Millions Of Invisible Residents. Her Publisher Won’t Offer Her A New Contract Unless She Agrees To Promote Her Books, Something She Has Previously Refused To Do, As Her Books Haven’t Sold Well Enough.

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The Author Lowen Laments, “I’m So Awkward I’m Afraid Once My Readers Meet Me In Person, They’ll Swear Off My Books Forever.” “I Stay At Home And Write Because Of This. I Believe That My Ideal Self Is Preferable Than My Actual Self.”

Her Last Chance, Though, Was Another Contract. In The Hope That Her Mother Might Leave Her Some Money, She Took A Break From Writing. She Has Discovered That She Would Not Receive Anything From Her Mother’s Estate After Living Off The Advance She Got After Signing Her Prior Contract. Unless She Receives A Job Offer, She Will Soon Be Homeless.

Lowen Is Shocked To See The Man Whose Shirt She Is Wearing Attending The Same Meeting When She Gets To Her Publisher’s Office. He Is Jeremy Crawford, Verity’s Husband And A Very Successful Author Who Is Unable To Finish The Book Series She Was Working On. The Latter Three Volumes Of The Series Will Be Written By Lowen For A Flat Fee Of $75,000 Each Book, With The First Instalment Due In Six Months.

Until Jeremy Tells Her That She Was Chosen Because Verity Read One Of Lowen’s Books And It Was A Favourite Of Hers, Lowen Is Determined To Reject The Offer. She Allegedly Told Jeremy That Lowen And Her Writing Style Were Similar And That She Saw Lowen As “The Next Big Thing.” Following The Fatalities Of Both Of Her Daughters, Chastin And Harper, Verity Has Been Catastrophically Injured In A Car Accident, Leaving Jeremy To Care For Their Little Son, Crew, By Himself. Finally, Lowen Decides To Accept The Project.

Lowen Drives The Six Hours To The Crawford Residence In Vermont While Listening To The Series’ First Book’s Audiobook. She Is Required To Spend Some Time At Verity’s Office Reviewing The Notes And Research She Left There In Order To Choose The Best Strategy For Approaching Writing The Upcoming Book.

When Lowen Meets The Crew, He Discovers Verity’s Condition Is Quite Serious. She Is Practically Catatonic, Unable To Communicate, And Incapable Of Taking Care Of Herself. Caregivers Stay At The House All Day, With Jeremy Taking Charge At Night. Verity’s Office Is Disorganised, As Lowen Quickly Discovers. Her Large Desk Is Covered End To End In Stacks Of Papers And Files, And The Walls Are Lined With Boxes Holding Further Documents.

It Is Clearly Going To Take Much Longer Than Lowen Originally Anticipated To Sort Through It All. She Discovers When She Reads Verity’s Second Book That The Books “Are Written From The Viewpoint Of The Villain” And That She Will Require “Time To Work Myself Into That Mindset While Writing.” Because He “Didn’t Like Being Inside Her Head,” Jeremy Claims That He Has Never Read Any Of Verity’s Books.

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